Chef Charles Jones, a Culinary Institute of America-certified chef and culinary educator has been perfecting his craft for more than 30 years; it was 18 years ago when he opened his studio and officially became The Ice Man with his wife and business partner Amy a graphic artist. She is the company’s creative director and designs the templates for each and every sculpture. Together, they have grown the business from small local projects to large-scale regional ice displays for caterers, event staff, brides and grooms at some of the region’s most prestigious event venues.

The Ice Man categorizes his custom ice sculptures as “wow,” “functional” and “fun.”

Wow sculptures are typically three-dimensional centerpieces that surpass the basic swans and hearts of yesteryear (although he still gets many requests for both). From military insignia and Cinderella’s coach to monograms and corporate and team logos, the Jones’s have elicited their fair share of wows from event attendees.

Functional sculptures have ranged from wine chillers, vases and serving trays to tapas ice tables and functional, working bars. In fact, a hotel once hired Jones to sculpt a 2,000-pound, 18-foot-long cruise ship that held 400 glasses of champagne. He also sculpted identical, individual iceberg sorbet dishes for a Titanic-themed dinner. 

The “fun” sculptures are his most popular; in this category is a martini luge. Never heard of one? Think of it as an intricately carved, icy dispenser for adult beverages. Jones also specializes in nitro bars (also known as molecular mixology)—bars serving signature drinks frozen with liquid nitrogen by a certified mixologist and enhanced with special lighting and other effects.

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