Husband. Wife. Storyteller. Prettymaker. 

That's us, Joe & Katye Brier. We have history, we have cameras, we have a height difference. We think two heads are better than one, and four eyes are better than two. 

You're probably checking us out because you are excited about photography. You are looking for pictures that will recall moments and memories. Maybe even something a little offbeat. You have a sense of adventure, you aren't scared by a little dust on your dress hem, and you're looking for photographers who value originality. And that's us.

The best way we can describe our work is artistic journalism. Authentic meets creative. We both began our careers as news photographers, so our approach is to get out of the way, and capture what unfolds. Observing people, telling their stories, and anticipating moments is in our muscle memory. Combined, we have more than three decades of experience as photojournalists, shooting and picture editing for publications and non-profits small and large.

Now that you've read a little about us, we'd love to hear more about you and your plans for a wedding in the Berkshires! Don't hesitate to reach out - we'd be happy to discuss things with you in more detail!



Instagram: @happycouplephoto