Submitted by Tricia McCormack. Originally published June 18th, 2019.

A word from the photographer: I wrote Sarah and George this,

” The Monday after your wedding, whenever someone asked me how it went, I just gushed over the two of you. You are completely sincere, generous, warm people. This goes for your family and friends too. I felt so happy after we met last fall for your engagement session that we were such a nice fit and after your wedding day, I felt just as strongly about the two of you. Thank you for the honor of being there to capture a day as special as this”

There was so many fun facts about this wedding

  • Sarah was one of the very first students that my husband had when we first moved to the Berkshires.

  • Sarah’s mom, Leslie was one of my very first clients at my indoor exercise classes back in 2008 (TK-Fit), I even named an ab exercise “Leslie’s favorite”

  • George’s mom was on a tennis team with Sarah outside of their towns in Boston. She was so fond of Sarah, that she suggested Sarah meet her son. Much to their surprise, it was a perfect match. As a mom myself, of course this makes sense, who knows what’s best for you better than your own mother?

  • Sarah wore her mother’s wedding dress. It was stylish, sentimental and stunning. I felt like it added such a special touch to their day.

  • I met George and Sarah less than one year prior to their wedding at Sarah’s cousin Maggie’s wedding. Thank you Maggie & Matt!

  • Today is their one month anniversary! I’m so glad you have your photographs to celebrate with.

Venue: Seven Hills Inn
Hair Stylist: Indulgence Salon
Gown Designer: Betsy Wise Bridal
Bridesmaid Dresses: Jenny Yoo
Bridesmaid Boutique: Bella Bridesmaids
Tux/Formal Wear: The Black Tux
Florist: Leah Schwabb
Caterer: Healthy Cafe Catering Co.