Submitted by Liz Washer Makeup.  Originally published on January 7th, 2018.

A word from Liz: I was pretty psyched about Ellen’s wedding because it was taking place at one of my favorite places in the Berkshires: Mass MoCA, where I have been many times (come to think of it, I should really reactivate my membership). Since Ellen was getting hitched surrounded by the bright geometric colors of the Sol LeWitt exhibition, we opted for a neutral eye with plenty of individual lash clusters, and a flush of berry on the lips. The perfect mix of classical beauty amidst contemporary art!

A word from the photographer: Ellen and Tom hosted their MASS MoCA wedding in early August. These two love visiting museums together and like to support the arts. While visiting MASS MoCA on a weekend getaway last fall, they fell in love with the industrial aesthetic and knew they wanted to introduce their friends and family to this special place.

Tom and Ellen got ready across the street at the fun and funky Porches Inn before doing their first look in the Sol Lewitt gallery. We then explored the museum together, finding ways to incorporate the art and architecture.

Their friend led the ceremony, during which Ellen and Tom exchanged high fives and then vows both funny and serious. They wrote their vows separately, but both mentioned a time when Tom, an amateur beekeeper, brought 10,000 bees into their home and kept them in the bathroom. He promised not to do that again “unless absolutely necessary.”

One of the things that drew Ellen and Tom to their venue was how their celebration could flow through the different spaces. Their cocktail hour was held in an adjacent gallery and the light installation created a magical ambiance. To enhance the mood, Tom curated the music for the day, from low-key selections for cocktail hour, to gypsy jazz at dinner, and a dance set that prominently featured Ellen’s favorite Taylor Swift.

Prep venue: Porches Inn

Wedding venue: Mass MoCA

Photography: Kelly Benvenuto

Makeup: Liz Washer Makeup

Hair: Jenursa