Submitted by Christopher Duggan Photography.  Originally published on July 8, 2017.

We always love a good barn wedding, and this sweet event at Gedney Farm doesn't disappoint!  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Gedney Farm, it's a beautiful renovated barn (two, actually!) in the tiny village of New Marlborough, Massachusetts...tucked away in a remote corner of the Berkshires.  I've always felt like the weddings held here are in a world all their own...with no cell service (or GPS!), the couples who marry here are able to have their guests fully present, and it truly makes for a special, intimate affair.

This particular wedding was one whose photographs I had been anticipating because the groom is the brother of one of my friends--and fellow BWC photographer--Tricia McCormack.  Being a highly-sought-after wedding photographer herself, I knew it would be tough for her not to be behind the lens.  But when she told me that another of our friends--Christopher Duggan--was going to be the photographer, I knew they were in GREAT hands!  

As I flipped through these images, I loved seeing photos of Tricia with her family and was super excited to see one of Christopher and Tricia together!  

Melissa and Mike's wedding looks like a beautiful gathering of close friends and family, and a perfect celebration of what matters most.  I also have to wonder if they sent out a "wear blue" memo to their guests, because I think this is the most perfectly-coordinated crowd I've ever seen!  

Congratulations to Melissa and Mike!  And I hope you enjoy this glimpse into their special day.

Venue: Gedney Farm, New Marlborough MA

Photographer: Christopher Duggan Photography

Florals: Leah of the Valley Floral Design

DJ: Rob Alberti's Event Services

Lighting: Maryanne Gillooly