Submitted by Gedney Farm. Originally published on January 21, 2016

A word from the photographer: What a perfect January day for a wedding!!! Scott & Erin tied the knot this past Saturday at Gedney Farm in New Marlborough, MA. When Scott, Erin and I meet up for their final meeting a week before their wedding we all chatted about how great a some snow would be… little did we all know that we would get our wish! The morning of their wedding, it was raining here in CT but snowing at the farm in MA. It was just enough snow to make the roads and trees look magical but not too much snow where no one would be able to get to their wedding.

And the venue,…Gedney Farm, what a fantastic place to get married! There was such a relaxed and quaint feel to the New England Bed & Breakfast. The Bed & Breakfast had plenty of guest rooms that was steps away from their ceremony, cocktail hour and reception! There is nothing more peaceful then not feeling rushed on your wedding day and also having your family, what matters most, that close. In the Bed & Breakfast there is a long corridor that connects all the rooms all decorated differently. In this corridor were antiques and a large fireplace with big lounge chairs. As I was taking detail pictures I was also in the mix of friends and family all day. Scott and Erin’s family were so welcoming that I felt like I was family too!

And my couple, Scott and Erin…. happy to be married and so incredibly relaxed all day! Erin chose to wear her Hunter Boots with her beautiful dress as we ventured outside for pictures. (She had beautiful blue suede shoes but we did not want to ruin them before their ceremony in the mud, so the boots it was!). Their first look took place in the courtyard between the reception and and the Bed & Breakfast. We caught a few family members watching through the windows as Scott turned around to see Erin for the first time! From their first look, we headed up the farm, through the mud, drinks in hand to enjoy some quiet moments together. Erin & Scott have such a connection to one another… and how did they meet you ask? An old fashioned way, through a mutual friend that had them “meet” one day. Once he introduced them, he made an excuse to leave and left them alone! They played with their dogs that afternoon and the rest was history.

Between the two of them they have 3 beautiful duck hunting dogs. The dogs were included in the ceremony and we even had them out for a few formal pictures. Erin & Scott created and decorated the venue themselves. Their centerpieces, boutonnières, and bridal bouquet all included duck and pheasant feathers that they “acquired” themselves. They also collected the pinecones to put in the center pieces as well. Lennie’s flower shop also included the duck feathers and perfect succulents in Erin’s bridal bouquet. Every little detail all came together in their quaint New England Barn Wedding at Gedney Farm. I could not have asked for a more fun couple to kick off my 2016 wedding season with! Here are my favorites from their wedding day! Cheers & here’s to Scott & Erin’s forever day!