Submitted by Tricia McCormack Photography. Originally published on November 14th, 2016.

A word from the photographer: If I haven't heard the story ofChelsea and Mike meeting, it's worth hearing it again.

Chelsea and her best friend had been at a Halloween party a few weeks prior to that night, and after that party, they had not been able to stop talking about a guy who had come to the party dressed as a chicken and was the LIFE of the party. Then, one night, they were in a bar in Boston when her best friend nearly tackled her out of her excitement to announce, “The Chicken is here!!!”

Well, how could Chelsea pass up an opportunity like that? She went over to talk to “Chicken” and danced and talked with him all night—she didn’t even find out his real name until the night was over and they were exchanging numbers.

That night them led them to the amazing day highlighted here, Chelsea and Mike's wedding at Cranwell Resort.  Chelsea and Mike had us laughing and smiling all day long. They love to add humor to their lives and they most definitely showed us how absolutely crazy in love they are with one another.

I have thought often about how Chelsea's sister and Mike's brother both shared stories in their speeches about how they knew each of their siblings had met "the one". It was so sweet and sincere to hear how it all began. It was everyone's consensus that "Chicken and Bergers" definitely go great together.

This day was memorable from start to finish. It was full of friendship, family tradition, love and even a surprise visit from the local fire department (picture included).

Congratulations and much love to you both,