Submitted by Christopher Duggan Photography. Originally published on July 26, 2016.

A word from the photographer: Emily and James were married at Gedney Farm. The weather was perfect, and we were able to make some great portraits outside while the sun was setting. Gedney Farm always does a fantastic job at making couples feel at home and have exactly what they want for their wedding. I will never get over how gorgeous it is at Gedney!

Emily and James’ ceremony was at Trinity Episcopal Church. I have never photographed at this church before. It was beautiful. I learned that both Emily and James are musicians and that James actually composed the music for the ceremony. Something that made the day even more special was that the couple’s close friends are professional choir singers and they sang during the ceremony. I couldn’t believe how incredible their voices were. The hair stood up on my arms the entire time they sang.

Before dinner, the priest made a blessing and James stood up to lead everyone in song. I was able to record it. Take a listen. It will definitely be one of those special wedding moments I’ll always remember!