JTD delivers peace of mind artistically, logistically, and financially.

• Our DJ’s have the experience and the taste to play music that’s hip without being esoteric and accessible without being cheesy. 

• We know the ins and outs of every venue: where to set up, where to plug in and where the back up help is if needed.

• We’ve got a DJ for almost every budget, all of them kick butt, and . . .

• We’ve got back up DJs, back up systems and a million dollars insurance for every job. 

These are the reasons that JTD delivers the peace of mind that no one else can: our artistry, our know-how and our people.

There’s no greater luxury than peace of mind and no greater indulgence than shakin’ your booty. AT JTD, we guarantee both. 

At the helm of JTD is Dave Leonard, nationally syndicated host of radio UNLEASHED and professional wedding DJ for over 25 years. He’s got the “sixth sense of segue”, knowing exactly what song to play next to take the crowd where they need to go. Behind him is office manager Nellie and six other handpicked, experienced and cool DJs. Our philosophy is to guide the party with the music and not the microphone. The music’s the star, not the dj. JTD’s goal is to be true to your unique tastes without being esoteric, accessible enough for your friends and family without ever being generic or cheesy. Named after our beloved mascot, Jeffrey the Dog (JTD), we’ve been in business since 1989 and are definitely not your average dj service.

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