Bridal gowns, bouquets, landscapes and barns can all be the subject of an exceptional wedding gift or first anniversary gift for the newlyweds or the mother-of-the-bride.

After all of the planning, ceremony and reception are over, allow a piece of artwork to remind you of the brilliance of that special day!  This can bring great joy as you pass it down through generations.

Commission a small or large painting or add it to your registry!

With her richly textured background in the arts, it is no surprise that Joan Palano Ciolfi’s work is masterfully infused with inviting color, warm light and an emotional immediacy that draws viewers in.

 A Berkshire County native, Ciolfi studied fine arts and design, and worked extensively as a wall-covering and textile designer while she pursued her love of painting. Ciolfi’s canvases – ranging from evocative, moonlit Berkshire landscapes, vintage cocktail dresses, strongly delineated barns, to swirling abstracts – are all luminous and perfectly balanced. Individual, clearly recognizable elements, whether everyday objects, architectural or natural forms, are treated with a modern, expressive hand; the finished works are complexly layered and resonate deeply.