Clients have been asking me for years: “Do you recommend we hire a wedding videographer?”

My answer has always been: if you are going to do video at your wedding, do it right. 

So at Christopher Duggan Photography, we assembled a group of fantastic, artful cinematographers and editors with a real knack for telling a beautiful story. We work together as a cohesive team with care and professionalism, making sure we stay part of the action and blend in at the same time.

At every wedding, our mission is to capture the real emotion of that couple with their family and friends on that day. Those fleeting moments will tell your story for generations. My wedding film team and I know how to take a deep breath, witness everything at once, and bring it all together in videos and photos you can cherish forever. We can slow down the whirlwind of distractions to see your genuine smile and the sparkle in your eye, and create wedding photos and films that will help shape your memory of one of the most important days of your lives.