Let me introduce myself- I’m Meg Hamilton- the happy owner and photographer of Rodeo & Co. Photography, nestled in the northern woods of New Hampshire. I am blessed to live in a little cottage surrounded by trees with my husband, and our two little boys Marcus & Hank {ages 7 & 5}. 

My work has been described among my peers & clients as: crisp, bright, clean, happy & inspired by the love and emotion of my subjects. From the very beginning, I have strived to offer a true blend of traditional & journalist styles for all of clients. This ensures that the full scope of their wedding day story is told after the fact. 

I am thrilled with new opportunities to explore the U.S. of A and beyond with my camera. I am available for worldwide travel and crave the opportunity to work with travel-bug clientele. I love the seeing a new property with fresh eyes!

Tara: Tell me how you first got involved with your business. 

Meg: Honestly, I’ve been into photography since middle school… but I guess what really got the ball rolling on my business was when I used to take pictures as an arson investigator. 

Tara: What is the most surprising thing you’ve had happen to you on the job?

Meg: I was photographing at a styled shoot, and a huge moose wandered out of the woods!  

Tara: What is your ideal Friday night?

Meg: Bringing my boys to the movies (and eating lots of popcorn!)

Tara: What is something you like to do during your free time?

Meg: I like to spend time in the barn with the animals, being in the woods with my boys, and skiing when the weather cooperates!

Tara: When you travel, what do you like to do (adventure, relaxation, food, etc.)?

Meg: I love to travel- I enjoy trying new restaurants and exploring new locations while hiking.

Tara: What is the last book you read?

Meg: When Breath Becomes Airby Paul Kalanithi.

Tara: What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Meg: My Grandmother told me, “To be happy, you must be kind to everyone else first.”

Tara: Which movie genre do you prefer?

Meg: I like movies based on inspiring true stories.

Tara: What is the last movie you saw in the theaters?

Meg: Zootopia- loved it!

Tara: Which music genre do you prefer?

Meg: Totally depends on my mood.  Anything from country to rap, 90’s…

Tara: Your idea of adventure is:

Meg: pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

Tara: How do you like your steak cooked?

Meg: Medium-rare.

Tara: What are three life memories you recall most frequently and why?

Meg: The day I got married, the day each of my sons were born. For obvious reasons—all three were life-changing, and bring me joy.

Tara: If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you want with you?

Meg: A camera (of course!), a journal/colored pencils, and a blanket.  I’m always cold—even on a deserted island. =)

Tara: Tell me something that most people don’t know about you.  

Meg: I used to be both a firefighter and a police officer.

Tara: What is one thing you'll do this year to step outside your comfort zone?

Meg: My dad and I have recently decided to raise Heritage Berkshire pigs…. It’s been quite an adventure so far!