Wedding Registry Trend: Giving Back

As the Berkshire Wedding Collective has continued to grow since its 2014 debut, one of the categories we've always been interested in creating was "Gift Registries."  And though there are a handful of local stores that are beginning to offer wedding registries, we just hadn't gotten around to setting anything in stone.  

Then one day at the end of last year, I saw an Instagram post by an old friend, Cassandre Snyder, whom I met at the 2011 Lenox Wedding Tour.  She was congratulating her industry friend, Beth Helmstetter, on launching her new charitable gift registry website--The Good Beginning!

Instantly, I knew I needed to reach out to Beth, a luxury wedding planner in California (who's one of Martha Stewart's faves!), about how we could work together.  I told her about an organization in Zambia that my parents and sister support, and that I had been struggling lately with how my businesses could be more than just another wedding industry group.

After several months of some back-and-forth emails, I'm so happy to announce that The Good Beginning is now our first member in the Gift Registry category!  Also, that little village in Zambia--Grassroots Heroes International--has now been added to TGB's lineup of worthy causes!  And lastly, the Berkshire Wedding Collective has decided to give back as well, donating a portion of our proceeds to help support the tiny Zambian village called Grippis Farm!

We think the timing on this could not have been more perfect.  It seems that lately, more and more couples are deciding not to marry until they've been on their own for several years.  And though there are still a lot of fun things we can register for to make our homes more comfortable, so many of us already have everything we need!  The significance of "giving back" has not been lost on engaged couples today, and we're hoping this is a wedding trend that sticks around for awhile!

For more information on The Good Beginning, and how your wedding guests can make a difference in people's lives, please visit their website and select the cause that most touches your heart!