Rentals Unlimited has everything you need to plan the perfect event! Create your wishlist and let us bring your ideas to life with expert advice on selections to fit every budget and unparalleled service that makes the process simple, stress free and fun! Rentals Unlimited offers a concierge shopping experience to each and every customer regardless of the size of your event or the size of your budget. We realize that each event is unique with specific wishes and needs and we are dedicated to providing an experience that exceeds them all! 

Tara: What is your ideal Friday night? Fireplace, Wine, Take out & my DVR.

Rentals Unlimited: What is something you like to do during your free time?  Hike/Run/Walk with my Golden Retriever, Barkley.

Tara: When you travel, what do you like to do (adventure, relaxation, food, etc.)? 

Rentals Unlimited: I usually like to travel to somewhere warm for relaxation & the beach.  I enjoy dining out while on vacation too & always love checking out a new restaurant.


Tara: Which music genre do you prefer?

Rentals Unlimited: 80’s

Tara: Which movie genre do you prefer? 

Rentals Unlimited: Comedy

Tara: What is the last movie you saw in the theaters

Rentals Unlimited: Steve Jobs

Tara: Which music genre do you prefer?

Rentals Unlimited: 80’s

Tara: What is the best advice you've ever received?

Rentals Unlimited: To go with your gut feeling, it's usually always right.