Tricia McCormack Photography specializes in weddings throughout the Berkshires and beyond. As someone who returned to live in Lenox after living and working in NYC and Boston, Tricia has a special appreciation for the elegance, charm and beauty of the Berkshires.  Tricia feels there is a special quality to weddings here that few other places can provide. With Tricia McCormack Photography, every couple will feel the range of emotions and the carefully planned details every time they look at their photographs. Your wedding day images should be authentic and timeless, something to treasure for a lifetime.

Tara: Tell me how you first got involved with your business.

Tricia: I love this question because it makes me so grateful for my beginning. My start came by openly admitting to a friend that I wanted to become a wedding photographer. I was embarrassed saying it out loud.  I thought "who am I kidding?" It was a great example of claiming a dream I felt was out of reach. From there I went for it step by step. I had a full time job working for Monster.com but during the weekends I began taking classes and worked at a small camera shop in Concord, MA. I reached out to people I respected in the industry and asked them questions and volunteered to work for them. Only a few responded and I am grateful to those that did. I raised money to purchase better camera and lighting equipment and read the manuals cover to cover and looked up things that I felt needed further explanation. I traveled the country to conferences and trade shows and started to network with other photographers. One photographer in Boston, Andrea Winchenbaugh allowed me to second shoot a few weddings with her. I was inexperienced but worked hard. I was so grateful for her trust in me and she helped me learn. I moved back to the Berkshires with my husband and continued studying and practicing. I started to lay down the foundation of owning a business while keeping my corporate job and starting a family. The thing I remember most about this time is the small amount of sleep I was getting. It was extremely difficult to work towards this goal but I was driven. In 2009 with the encouragement of Kevin Sprague, a local Berkshire County Photographer, I had the courage to book my own weddings. I prepared myself for these assignments in every way, I know that a person's wedding day is not something to take lightly and I certainly didn't. With 2009 and 2010 weddings under my belt, I went full time as a photographer in 2011. I've never looked back. I book about 25 weddings a year and over 100 portraits.  I built this business from the ground up and it is a dream realized! 


Tara: What is the most surprising thing that has happened to you on a job? 

Tricia: I broke my toe during a photo shoot on the rocks during a beach photo shoot. It swelled up and bruised immediately but I brushed it off and acted like I wasn't in pain to to the client. My toe still bothers me when I wear high heeled shoes and that was years ago. I'm surprised that I could have hid the pain so well!

Tara: What is something you like to do during your free time?

Tricia: I love being with my family. My husband and two boys love to be active together. We enjoy going for hikes in Kennedy Park, biking together along the Ashuwillticook Rail Trail or playing basketball in the backyard. My husband and I enjoy running together and are currently training for the Steel Rail Half Marathon in May.

Tara: When you travel, what do you like to do (adventure, relaxation, food, etc.)?

Tricia: All travel centers around beaches. We love the sun and the beach. We live in the mountains but when it comes to visiting new places we can typically be found right next to the ocean. 

Tara: What is the last movie you saw in theaters? 

Tricia: The last movie I saw in the theaters was Joy. It was  bad, bad, bad. Am I right? I wanted to walk out but we stayed until the end. I felt no connection to the characters although I like Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper. 

Tara: How do you like your steak?

Tricia: Accompanied by a glass of red wine. (Tricia's my kind of girl! LOL)

Tara: What is the last book you read?

Tricia: Living Forward, Book by Daniel Harkavy and Michael S. Hyatt

Tara: What is one thing you'll do this year to step outside your comfort zone?

Tricia: I'm expanding our Photo Booth business this year. We love, love, love our photo booth and our clients rave about it. We are changing the name to Berkshire Photo Booth and I'm currently designing a new logo and website. We are adding a social media aspect to it where our clients can upload their pics instantly to Instagram and Facebook. We have a great team of photo booth attendants ready to take events to the next level of fun, now I just have to work to spread the word about it.