Weddings for All Seasons in the Berkshires, Massachusetts

Seasons of Love in the Berkshires of Massachusetts.  Written by Rob Alberti.

Traveling down the winding roads of the Berkshires in Massachusetts, one can clearly understand why brides harbor lifelong dreams of a fall wedding in one of America’s most breathtaking corners of the continent.  The hues of orange, maroon and brown are palpable from the moment you lift your gaze to those ages old trees and onto the gorgeous New England building sites. 

Can you smell it?

I did…when I attended an event for one of my best friends.  The smattering of fallen leaves on the walkway as we approached, the scent of warm cider-ed apples overwhelmed our romantic senses and begged us to come closer for more.  And, we quickly obliged.

But why let the season limit you?  Weddings are no longer relegated just to spring or the month of June.  Recent wedding trends reveal that the “Wedding Season” is actually at its peak in all months but January, February and March.  These months are slow because they are in the heart of winter with unpredictable weather outcomes.  This leaves all other months fair game!

Think spring leaves and blooming blossoms, summer warmth and illuminating moonlight, winter white and rustic holiday reds.  Any season in the Berkshires is worthy of your love retreat and celebration!

That fall wedding that I attended left me with the warmest memories of a lifetime and the hope of renewal in my own life’s love pursuits.  We danced in the barn under the golden chandeliers amidst the candlelight glow and nutmeg cinnamon scents.  All I have to do is close my eyes and inhale deeply and I am taken back every time.  The Berkshires, where wedding dreams come true every season!