Emerging Trend--Mad Men Wedding Theme

We all know by now that the current trends (rustic-chic, roaring 20's, industrial-chic, etc.) have a pretty strong hold on wedding design.  But I'm beginning to get a sense that in 2015, we may start seeing more retro/mid-century modern/Mad Men events taking place.

You see, in the design world, wedding trends tend to follow what's happening in everyday fashion and interior design, and with stores/apps like Anthropologie and ModCloth making a mint on retro wares, and the overwhelming success of the television series Mad Men, I think it's only natural that couples will want this look to spill over into their event design.  Think tea-length dresses, fascinators, martini bars, vintage typewriters and those great hats the guys from the 60's wore.  Add in clean lines, a cool attitude, a strand of pearls and a cigarette and you have yourself a party!  (Well, maybe we should leave out the cigarette...)

And if you're planning to tie the knot in the Berkshires, I can think of some pretty cool, outside-the-box venues that would be perfect for just such a soiree!  If you want to know which Berkshires wedding venues I'd choose...just shoot me an email...I'd be happy to put our heads together!

Take a look at some of these inspiration images I found when researching this emerging trend, and let me know what you think!  Have you already begun attending some of these vintage parties?  Will you incorporate a Mad Men look in your next big event?