Tara Consolati--A Styled Shoot at MASS MoCA in the Berkshires

This post was originally published by member Tricia McCormack.  I was flattered when she asked if she could interview me for her blog, and I think she truly captured just how passionate I am about living in and promoting more weddings in the Berkshires.

A note from Tricia:

I loved being part of the creativity during the styled shoot in October at the Mass MoCA in North Adams, MA. Tara Consolati organized the day, which took place at Mass MoCA during the Xu Bing: Phoenix installation. The table was inspired by the exhibit itself and the had an Industrial Chic style for an intimitate wedding event. This beautiful table was set with linens & tableware donated by Classical Tents. After the shoot, I took the opportunity to sit down with Tara and talk to her about her love of weddings and the Berkshires.

Tara Consolati, founder of Berkshire Wedding Collective.

Tara Consolati, founder of Berkshire Wedding Collective.

Tricia: Tara, how are you involved in servicing the weddings in Berkshire County

Tara: My work is geared more toward the wedding professionals in the Berkshires, as opposed to the actual brides. I am called in by the florists, caterers, wedding rental companies, photographers, etc. to help them get their social media and other marketing efforts up and running, whether it’s doing the actual work myself or acting as their consultant.

Something new and exciting right now is the launch of the Berkshire Wedding Collective! This is a curated collection of the finest wedding professionals working in our area. The official launch won’t be until early 2014, as my panel and I are currently going through our applicants (from Boston to Newport, Hudson to NYC) and deciding who will be joining us. Each category (there are over 25!) holds only 2-5 members, so we’re really being selective. Above all, I want to be sure the Collective becomes an amazing resource to brides and grooms as well as a great network that provides value to our members.
Recently, I’ve also been involved in more of the design process, acting as artistic/creative director on several inspiration photo shoots highlighting Berkshire venues and vendors. To date, my work has been seen on Style Me Pretty, Style Me Pretty Massachusetts, Ceci Style and in Well Wed Magazine. I also have some work coming out in Eco-Beautiful Weddings Magazine--including a new product launch for Kleinfeld’s—and on the Wedding Lovely blog. I LOVE assembling dynamic teams, in an effort to—again—promote local professionals. It’s indescribably exciting to have a design vision and see it all come together!

Tricia: What wedding trends do you think will be popular in 2014? 

Tara: Well right now, since every couple wants to add their own flare and make their wedding unique, I’d say anything goes. HOWEVER, what I’m seeing a lot of for 2014 is lots of sparkle—glittered accessories, sequined table linens, café lighting—and bold colors.
Wedding lounges—from vintage to Miami-nightclub-feel—are still very popular, as well as fun food trucks and loads of DIY elements!

Tricia: In your experience, what is special about living in the Berkshires?

Tara: Goodness…what ISN’T special about living in the Berkshires? It’s so exciting to me to walk the same streets that historical figures like Edith Wharton, Herman Melville, Nathaniel Hawthorne, the Vanderbilts and MANY more once walked! The area’s rich history alone makes me happy to live here. Add in our AMAZING music, theatre and arts scene and it’s enough to drive a creative girl over the edge! And though I’m not much of an outdoorsy girl, the very thought that I’m gazing at the same gracefully rolling hills that once inspired these “greats” is pretty spectacular. 
People flock here from all around the world to find rest and rejuvenation. We’re just so blessed that this is the place we call home year-round. I once overheard a tourist say that being in the Berkshires was like “riding through a painting.” I mean really…how lucky are we??

Tricia: What do you think is the best season to get married in the Berkshires

Tara: I don’t know that there IS a “best season.” It probably goes without saying that Summer and Fall are typically our most popular months, and a simple look around our hills (ablaze with color) says it all. But I think Spring, with all its promises and “hints” at what’s to come is a wonderful time to start something new. And Winter sets the perfect stage for a wonderful event! I think some potential brides are frightened away by our winter weather, fearful that the roads may be bad and guests may not attend. And while this is sometimes (very rarely) the case, what people don’t understand is that we are built for whatever Mother Nature throws at us. We have the best equipment and are always prepared for the worst weather conditions—which typically make for the most BEAUTIFUL snowy backdrops! In a way, all this preparedness isn’t such a great thing…it’d be nice to have a snow day off from work every once in awhile! 

Tricia: What is a reoccurring description of your work?

Tara: I guess I would say that my work always revolves around the Berkshires, and really all about enhancing what we already have and creating a dynamic brand that just can’t be ignored. My mission is to bring more attention to the Berkshires, and get it recognized as a premier destination wedding location…and we’re laying the groundwork for that as we speak…however, as this is happening, I believe it’s imperative for our Berkshire wedding professionals (including myself!) to “up their game” a bit and work to achieve an upscale, cohesive look across all platforms. If we can all work together toward this one common goal--which will bring ALL of us more of the kind of business we really want--I believe we will make the Berkshires a {wedding} force to be reckoned with!

Tricia: What is something new that you'd like to do?

Tara: Professionally, I have a lot of new things going on. But I think on a personal level, I’d like to focus on traveling more internationally—and not just to the glamorous, touristy places, but also to countries who aren’t as rich as America is. As much as I want to keep my daughters in a safe little bubble, I want them to experience every beautiful thing that’s out there. Not only will this help all of us grow creatively, but I think it will prove a good lesson for them to see just how blessed we really are. Because, you know…it’s always so good to come home!