A Surprise Proposal at Blantyre

Submitted by Tricia McCormack Photography.  Originally published on August 21, 2014.

Okay guys, listen up!  The most popular proposal season is now upon us (Thanksgiving through New Year's Day!), and if you're about to pop the question, you'd better make sure you do it right! Did you know that it has become increasingly popular to stage a grand proposal AND have it secretly captured by a professional photographer?  IT'S TRUE!  Just take a look at this cute couple, caught on camera by Tricia McCormack

Are you looking for a way to make your proposal extra special?  Atop one of the Berkshires' premiere ski slopes?  Perhaps when you take her to sit on Santa's lap (now that would be fun!)?  On a snowy walk through the woods (where you stumble on a romantic table for two...)?  Let us know!  We'd be happy to help!

And now, a note from Tricia:  I got such a kick out of being asked to photograph a surprise proposal at the Blantyre Estate a few weeks ago. The groom-to-be, Scott, decided to propose to his girlfriend Leah without her knowing.

His romantic plan included arranging a weekend getaway to the Berkshires, so that when she arrived home from work in Boston that Friday, he had a limo waiting to take her away. 

Little did she know that he had also arranged to propose there. Take a look below and I'll show you how it all unfolded.

I set up my spot behind a tree and listened for them to arrive. I was nervous but had some time to document my time waiting behind the tree.

Blantyre puts so much care in taking care of their guests. Here's a photo of David, the manager at Blantyre checking that I'm OK and everything is in place.

I heard Leah say "What are you doing?" And I knew it was time. Scott was on one knee and Leah's expression said it all. She was overjoyed. She enthusiastically said YES!!

I love that guests from the hotel wanted to see what was happening. They all started to applaud when Scott let them know she had said yes.

My secret hiding spot was discovered...so I came out and continued getting some candids, but Leah couldn't stop looking at her ring!

I just loved how happy they were. They could not stop smiling!  Thank you, Scott, for including me in this special moment! I was so happy to be there and capture it for you and Leah. Congratulations and Best of Luck!